Monday, May 08, 2017

Re-Enable Disabled Paste in Chrome

I keep running into sites that disable paste.

I have no way to install Chrome Plug-Ins at work.

Using only the Developer Tools you can work-around the issue.

  1. Go to the page in question.
  2. Let it load all the way.
  3. Copy the thing you want to copy from wherever else.
  4. Hit F-12 to bring up the Developer Tools
  5. Hit F-1 to bring up the Dev-Tools Settings
  6. Check the 'Disable JavaScript' option in the 'Debugger' section
  7. Close the settings and happily paste in the value you want.
  8. Hit F-1 and un-check 'Disable JavaScript'
  9. Repeat steps 5-8 for each field you need to paste into
The reason you un-check and re-check in between is to let the page do any intermediary processing it might want to do, like enabling the second box etc. (sometimes this behavior is triggered by the act of typing, so you may have to type a single character and then delete it after your pasted content in the first box to get the second box to enable).


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Calling the Type of Burn

Let this be the record that in this month of September 2009, I Gavin Swanson brought about the common use of calling the type of comical burn issued.


Server: "What's this from the landscapers? My Husband does the landscaping."
Mgr: "We have to pay someone to come in and clean up after him."
Me: "OOOOHHHHH, Gardener Burn!"

Server: "Hey will you hand me a monkey"
Mgr: "You have a monkey standing right next to you."
Me: "OOOOOHHHHH, Primate Burn!"

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Chico State Minibaja

Spent the weekend in the bay at the Grand Prix of San Jose. We got some good connections for sponsorships. More to come later. Check out the redesigned Minibaja website (updates coming soon).

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

pepto-bismol ice cream

Check out what this person put together. From the article:
food without danger is like sex with a condom: it goes in the same entrance, but the experience is altogether less thrilling, less memorable, indeed less satisfying.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Have I mentioned

I hate it when Myspace is down

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Another full day

So I rolled out of bed at 10:18 yesterday and still made it to Ray's before 10:30. Heck yes. Luke, Mike, Mike's roommate, and I went tubing on Honey Run yesterday. It's definitely more exciting than sac. I only tagged my back on a few rocks, no loss of the ass-ginity. Everyone has told me that you can't really drink on Honey Run, we proved them wrong. Pat also said it was too low, it was the first time I've done it so I can't say what it's in comparison to, but it wasn't "too" low. We were done by about 3. I wanted to get a haircut yesterday so when I swung by Ray's to return my tube, I looked over and saw that Wild Cuts was closed. I went by the house and hung out for a bit looking for someone to go to the summercross nationals with me. After not finding anyone I headed off to Redbluff at about 6:15ish. The Gates opened at 6 but I'm glad I didn't leave till then cause the event didn't get started till about 8 and I didn't really care about the autograph session and what not. After a couple heats I found the worlds funniest thing. Imagine 10 4-6 year olds. Now put on dirt riding gear and a helmet that is bigger than their torso (like Jack from Jack in the box style proportions). Now put them on a 50 (really realy tiny motorcycle). Then Have them racing around the moto cross track at like 5mph with their Dad's chasing after them making sure they don't fall over. It's one of those things you have to see but it's funny as hell. Most of the kids were on KTMs which have a pretty high center. I felt bad for this one kid on a yamaha, he high centered it on every little mound he tried to go over. So the California Extreme Summercross Nationals were supposed to feature Mike Metsker, and his air force freestyle team or some bullshit. Anyway so his team (3 guys) come out on bikes ready to ride. Then he comes out, in shorts and a T. He's like Your probably wondering why I'm not in gear, and everyone was like yeah we are. Apparently he got like 4 concussions in 5 weeks and he wants to rest his head a little for the x games coming up. So that was a disappointment. Anyway I had paid the two dollars for parking with a roll of quarters and gotten back the eight dollars cash which left me enough for a pint of hef and a slice of pizza with .75 left to spare, heck yes. I gave the extra ticket I had to some kid and his little girlfriend, saved em $17, and I didn't pay for it so fuck it. Got back into town and headed out to the bear where I met Wendy. Hung out with her, then Mike and then ended up hanging out with Rich and his girl the rest of the night. Rich is a cool guy. When I left the bars I ended up at Josh's. Hung out there for a while, had another beer. Came back to the house did a little net surfing and then off to bed.
I woke Up today (Saturday) at about 11:30 I think. Dicked around, researched CEV contract investments, made a couple pancakes, started eating them and then realized I wanted to get my haircut today. I called up Wild Cuts and found out they close at 2 (it was 1) so I jumped in the shower to blow the stink off and headed down there. The owner ended up cutting my hair (just a little trim), he hooked me up on it to. He said he'd come into Outback tonight, I hope he does I want to buy him a beer or something. I just remembered right now that I was going to do laundry today too, oh well at least I bought new socks so that's no problem.
I believe there's a kegger tonight at Josh's house ($5). Let me know if you want directions or whatever, should be a good time since I'm mostly broke.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

It's that time again

Ok so it's 5 in the morning and I just finished filling out one of those 100 questions about the people in your myspace top 8 things. There is only one question I was intentionally vague on and that's cause without a full explanation it's way creepy sounding. Anyway I watched Domino tonight, it's a good fuckin movie. I liked it.
So Tuesday blew I didn't get anything done except spend some money that I technically didn't have, but it's like giving money to the bad guys, they don't know it's not there till it's too late. Only this is different cause as long as it is there before they realize it wasn't there it's not a problem, capeesh. I did do some cruising in Lows looking for a framing square, combination square and some clamps. I found that the various squares are way less expensive than I had thought they would be so that's nice. The clamps are some money and that sucks but really how often in your life are you going to have to replace them their almost like an investment. I didn't buy anything there but I also looked at new faucets and shower heads, as well as lumber. Have I mentioned I like shopping. I still need to go to Home Depot to do a little price comparison jazz, and also cause Lows apparently doesn't carry the black pipe style clampy deals that I think I want. Went out again Tuesday cause it was apparently Dory's last night in town (I thought it had been Sunday or something, I was wrong), nothing too big like three beers spread over a couple bars and no shots or anything. After party plans fell through and I woke up this morning at like 10:45 just before my 11am alarm went off.
I'm like a friggin breakfast master or something. I scrambled four eggs made five strips of bacon and had one pancake, it would have been three pancakes if not for the idea that a cookie sheet on the burner does not a griddle make. So yeah I scarffed all that down in time to get to Devin's house by 1 for a nice little float down sac before work at 5. Work was slow and I was an owner mother fucker for the first three quarters of my first three tables but the first one left me some fatty tip for no reason. I don't get these people the more attitude you give them the more money they give you. Anyway that tip put me in a pretty good mood and my tips went to hell after that. Ok not to hell but not as good as that.
So I closed and came home. I wanted to have some people over since there's so much bear here now (partially due to the fallen through after party of the previous night). That didn't happen. So I did some dishes and made an ice cream and OJ shake (I through out my milk cause it was bad). Mostly a fun filled night of this kind of thing. Anyway it's 5:13 now. I'm really amazed at how much I can write for this thing, when I'm just sitting here letting my thoughts flow almost un-edited. I edited that part, I added the hyphen. The hyphen just looked nicer rather than splitting the word all hap hazardly like. I'm going to spell check this too. I'd hate for you to see it without a good spell chekin'. How is it that this whole thing took 13 min and this last couple sentences took like two, that's fucking crazy. Ok maybe I need to go to bed.